Women of Wealth Program

Women of Wealth Program

The purpose of this program is to motivate and inspire women to grow spiritually, emotionally and physically. Janice Davis Ministries, Inc. works in the community with partners to motivate and inspire women through:

  1. Small groups - With small group settings we create a setting that is comforting which allows women to share and open up about issues that are affecting their lives. In doing so we share a wealth of information to enrich their lives and start a process of spiritual and natural healing of the body, spirit and mind.

  1. Events and awards - We hold several community events; some are faith based and some are community based, all centered around celebrating women of all walks of life and speaking life into their circumstances. We hold our annual conference which brings together all of our groups together in one setting where we celebrate our lives and share our victories over illness, financial despair and family problems. We award and celebrate those who have been outstanding volunteers and have given their time to help others, selflessly in our community.

  2. Biblical Teaching - The core of our programs is Biblical teaching where we share the principles of being a woman of wealth. A women of wealth does not have to do so much with financial gain but it is the core of who you are and has to do more with the wealth of knowledge and power that one has through Christ and overcoming barriers of hardship, illness, education and poverty. Women of Wealth receive the core teachings of the women in he bible that overcame as they will through insurmountable circumstances through support and faith.

  3. Outreach - Many of the women in our program have overcome great obstacles and are now inspired, motivated and empowered to go out and strengthen others through sharing of the gospel, sharing their strength to encourage others in their lives, families and businesses. Outreach means going into our neighborhoods and letting people know about our events through media such as radio, flyers, sponsorship by corporations, books, music, t-shirts with our logo and word of mouth. We want to continue to be “Just what you need” when all seems lost and you need a helping hand and word of encouragement to get you through the storm of life.