Denver, CO

"I asked Reverend Janice Davis and her family to come and minister at my church. I had only 5 members-they paid their own way to get there. I was in desperate need of help and heard of her gift of miraculous healing and deliverance power ministry. She with her family by the leading of the Holy Spirit along with her parents Bishop Nathaniel & Dr. Addie Davis, Sr., ministered a 3 day revival and concert at my church. Sunday Service was just my 5 members and her family. They all walked and anointed every empty pew, doorway, childless daycare waiting to be filled, and my wife and I were slayed in the spirit. A year later, my pews are full, my daycare is up and running and my wife and I are more determined more than ever to continue to do the will of my father. We went from 5 members to 500 members. I know God is real!!"

Detroit, MI

"I was 400 lbs paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. I heard Reverend Janice Davis would be speaking at the Sunday Service at Bibleway Temple with Bishop Ira Combs. I came down the aisle in a wheelchair to give my faith offering and she laid her hands on me and the power of God hit me and I slid out of my wheelchair on to the floor. When I got up I was able to walk. I came in a wheelchair and walked out on my own-Thank you Jesus!!"

Olympia, WA

"My daughter ran away from home, I had no idea where she was. She was gone for over a week. I ask Reverend Janice Davis to pray for the return of my daughter, and that I loved her so much. Janice declared the angels to bring my daughter home! I received a call from my daughter that same night asking me to come and pick her up, she said she was ready to come home! I rejoice and thank God for answering my prayer and bringing my daughter home!"

Los Angeles, CA"I was diagnosed with cancer. Reverend Janice parents Bishop Nathaniel & Dr. Addie Davis came to Bishop Carl Stewart church to minister in the Sunday service. Evangelist Shepherd gave the altar call after her father had preached. She had never met me and did not know anything about my health condition. The Holy Spirit led her over to me, she laid hands on me and began to pray for me and declared the healing of my body. I began to weep as she prayed for me because everything she said was right on point and no one knew what I was going through but God! I went to the doctor that week and the report came back miraculously "No Cancer!" - I have been changed and healed by the divine power of Jesus Christ!"